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Our Research Summary

Our major research interests include virulence mechanisms and metabolism of protozoa, particularly Entamoeba histolytica causing amebic dysentery and Plasmodium spp. causing malaria. We mainly focus on vesicular trafficking, phagocytosis, autophagy, proteases, amino acid metabolisms, RNA maturation, translation, drug development, and organellogenesis. Our research approaches are very robust, and include biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, live imaging, multi-omics including metabolomics, and reverse genetics. Our present research themes include:

1. Molecular elucidation of pathogenesis of parasites
2. Biochemical and biological analyses of metabolism and organelles unique to parasites
3. Analysis of vesicular traffic, protein secretion, and phagocytosis/trogocytosis in parasites
4. Genome wide analysis and comparison of parasite strains
5. Drug discovery and development against protozoan infections such as malaria and amebiasis
6. Elucidation of divergence of RNA maturation and translation

More detail about our research (in Japanese, pdf file)


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Biomedical Chemistry, UTokyo